Our Services

Professional crafted rock retaining walls for landscaping, earth retention, slope stabilization, shoreline protection and aesthetic appeal
Our value-engineered walls can be built to many specifications, from two-foot decorative structures to 14-foot high-cut walls.

Rock Wall Construction

We specialize in building professional, custom, high quality rock walls to meet your specific needs using rock, local to the area.


Creek Restoration

Various projects:

  • Salmon Spawning
  • Bank Stabilization
  • Flood Damage
  • Fish Ladders
  • De-Watering


Retaining Wall Construction

We install other retaining walls like Ultrablock, soil nailing, modular blocks, Soldier Pile, etc.

Temporary Shoring Services

Providing temporary slope stabilization for access to your project during construction.


Rock Wall can vary is thickness. Depending on the engineering of the wall they can very from 5′ thick, up to 12′ thick. The wall is customizable to fit your project and budget. 

GPS located staking for a Rock Retaining Wall can be from the front or from the back. 10′ off-set to the front face of the wall and a 15′ alignment stake behind it. 

Depending on your area, most jurisdictions will require a permit and inspections of Walls over 4′ in total height. This will include the wall below finish grade. 

Because Rock Retaining Walls are so customizable, it will depend on the engineering of the wall. At minimum you will be 5′ wide and 2′ below finish grade.

We bid projects using rock from the closest available quarries. Other color options may be available. There are stains that can also be applied.  

Rock wall construction vary by area. Please reach out for a quote for your project. Typically, a rock retaining wall will be more cost effective then a modular block wall and substantially less then a concrete wall. 

We use a specialized rotating clam shell bucket mounted to a excavator. This allows us to manipulate rocks into position. These buckets are are used in the entire construction of the wall, witch includes the crushed rock and drainage system.  

We use equipment that requires 9′-12′ minimum width to access the work area.

The rock will be transported with end dumps and will require enough area to dump the material.